Rev. Wanda L DeCoteau

Rev. Wanda Decoteau

Justice of the Peace, US and CT.

Alternative Healing & Pastoral Training

Pastoral Counseling- St Francis Academy Hartford

Usui Reiki 1,2 & 3- Secret Garden (Tania Tyler) Mystic

Grief & Trauma a Metaphysical Perspective – Ecumenicon Fellowship

Bioenergy and Spiritual Healing Certification –  Three Rivers Community College Continuing Ed Dept.

Foundation for Shamanic Studies

With David Corbin & Nan Moss: Way of the Shaman. Shamanic Divination. Weather Shamanism. Spirits of Nature. Dying and Beyond

With Dana and Jana Robinson: Extraction Healing

Continuing student in:

7th East Coast Three- Year Program in Advanced Initiations in Shamanism and Shamanic Healing

Ordination: Nova Castria Interfaith Outreach Ministries

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