NCIOM Mission Statement

NCIOM was founded in 1999 for the purpose of allowing people of like minds to gather and celebrate a higher power each in their own unique way.
We do not endorse a particular path of faith, rather we maintain that the spiritual aspect of an existence is unique to that existence. One cannot remain clothed in dogma when one is changing every second of every minute of every day that one experiences input from the universe.
Each of us is sacred and our impact upon the universe is whatever we choose it to be. This is our purpose. To experience. To learn. To evolve.

NCIOM takes those ideals and focuses them into a shared experience. Supports those who feel dislocated and lonely. Encourages the growth of individual thought and spirit. Each of us here is honoured by and slightly changed by our interaction with others, the world and our inner thoughts. We celebrate the gift of our uniqueness and the unshakable evidence that our very existence is the true music of the spheres. Each moment is a treasure, each breath a step forward on our journey. It may not be the moment you expected, but it belongs to you, embrace it, learn from it and most of all enjoy it.
We welcome you and hope your interaction with us by visiting our site enhances your journey in a positive way.

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